Boost Wake Corporate Hire/Team Building

Do you have an awesome boss?  Imagine having some spare time at the end of a conference, the end of the year, or as a special thank you, your boss organises an awesome wake boat for everyone to relax and de stress, WHAT A LEGEND.

A day on the water behind a BoostWake Nautique G23 wake board boat is exactly what the boredom doctor ordered.  A great way to build moral, a great way to have a laugh with your work mates and a great way to build memories that you will never forget.

FYI business owners, managers and team leaders, Golf is not everyone’s cup of tea, just saying;

Wake boarding,waterskiing, wake surfing, tubing, boating in general is one of the most socially interactive sports you can do, as everybody is watching and supporting your every move behind the boat.

You can join in on the fun and games or watch from the boat and capture some awesome pictures and video of your mates succeeding or failing behind a BoostWake boat, either way it’s a great day.  And when your back in the office reviewing the details of your conference or summarising the events from the past year you can also review the day on the water, what a fantastic way to bring a team together.

We are based on Lake Eildon, if your not from this area that’s ok, give us a call or drop us an email, lets see what we can work out.